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How to Clear Maxbounty Interview

How to Clear Maxbounty Interview

After applying for maxbounty account the main thing is How to Clear Maxbounty Interview .In my previous topic I have already discussed How to Get Approved Maxbounty but now after accepting you they call you, for getting some information because without giving call interview you can’t get accepted into the maxbounty so it is one of the major step, it depends on them how they take your interview whether they call you on your number or on Skype. But it does not matter; the main thing is you must be available to them while they call and if you don’t you will miss chance to approve your maxbounty account.

It is the best chance for everyone to get their accounts approved because while interview you can insist them to approve your account. The most important thing is that when they call you, it means you have chances to approve your account. So try to keep your number on not off.

How to Clear Maxbounty Interview – Tips:

  1. You must know all the things which you have written while sign up.
  2. Try to be confident while giving your interview.
  3. Speak in such a way so that they easily understand it i.e. what you want to say.
  4. You should have a good command over English language so that you convey your message in an understandable way.
  5. Speak slowly and listen when your affiliate manager talks to you.
  6. Don’t try to be overconfident and over smart just reply to their queries and stick to the point. Don’t beat about the bush.
  7. Choose the place that is noiseless so that he/she can understand you easily.
  8. Keep one thing in your mind that never lie to them.


  1. You must have to speak in English.
  2. Don’t miss there call if you do, you can cause rejection so be careful.
  3. Speak clearly, and to the point.
  4. Do not lie, be truth full.

What they ask in interview – My Interview

She: Hi Jawad khan, Tania Laroche here. I am manager of Maxbounty

Me: Hi mam.

She: How are you Jawad?

Me: I am fine.

She: You submitted your email on maxbounty?

Me: Yes mam.

She: Tell me your past experience about CPA.

Me: Mam i have a lot experience, because I am also working with click bank.

She: Jawad you are working on any website?

Me: yes mam (Keep in mind she asks because I put my website link while sign up). And then she asked some more about my website etc.

She: Jawad how you will promote our service.

Me: Mam I have a lot of experience on SEO, i will promote your offer on website, I will also make some landing pages and make Ad-words , Bing campaign to promote your offer, I have also some good Facebook pages.

She: OK Jawad thank you so much.

Me: thank you mam.

That’s all, and my account gets approved.

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