How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media | Best Method 2017

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media

Today I am going to discuss one of my favorite topics, How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .So first we move toward Facebook.

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media | Facebook

As we all know that Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users and it is the Mentor of all social Medias .There is a lot of chances to get more leads Facebook because of their active user percentage. So today I am going to share with you how to get thousands of leads from Facebook and guys it totally free but before that you must have some knowledge regarding to Facebook new features.

Select campaign first:

Before promoting any offer on Facebook you should select a campaign first which gives you maximum leads.

Go to your maxbounty account and a campaign that you want to embed on you blog. After selecting the campaign you will see the menu bar like this at the bottom.

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media

Now select the type, what type of source code you want to embed on your blog or website.

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media

Now Move toward Facebook:

  1. Overview all of your campaign that you have selected.
  2. See all the requirements of your campaign that may include following things
  3. Description of your campaign:
  • And the countries from where you are allowed to get traffic


If the campaign that you are selected is related to weight loss and the targeted country that you are allowed to get traffic to promote your campaign is USA then do following things.

  1. Go to your Facebook account.
  2. And in the search bar just write weight loss or weight loss tips, you will get a lot of pages let me give you. Example

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media

  1. Now select the page that are related to your campaign, open the post and in comments share your blog link in which you set your campaign, but keep in mind one thing you shortened your blog url first.
  2. For shortened link go here
  3. That’s it

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media | Instagram

Instagram is one of the best plate form where you easily promote your campaign and get a lot of traffic easily there is 90% chances people see your whole profile and following you.

So let’s start:

  1. Sign up for new instagram account.
  2. Use the name that is related to your campaign.
  • If my campaign related to weight loss, I will use user name weight loss tips etc.
  1. Now create a description of your profile that attracts a user.
  2. Now paste website link below description:
  • Note link in which you set your maxbounty campaign.
  1. Choose an image it must be related to your campaign.
  2. Search the people related to your targeted country.
  3. Follow them:
  • Note just follow 500 people per day, not more than this.
  1. Once you follow them, some of them follow you back.
  2. Once they follow you, they will see your profile and go to the link that you put.
  3. And you will get your lead easily

How to Run Maxbounty Campaigns on Social media | Twitter

We can easily get leads from twitter, there is different methods to get lead from twitter so let me discuss one by one.

Free Method:

In this you can get multiple leads per day, simply follow the below steps

  1. Create an twitter account
  2. Login in to your account
  3. Create an attractive description
  4. Put your website link just below the description
  5. Use the name related to your campaign
  6. Follow the people hope 50% will follow you back
  7. Create a post
  8. Once you create a post , your follower will come to your link
  9. And you will get leads

Paid Method:

Paid method include advertisement on twitter, while advertising the main thing you need to focus on following things.

  1. Create description that attracts user
  2. Select the budget :
  • Depends on you how much you can afford
  1. Put the keywords related to your campaign :
  1. Select your targeted country
  2. Run the campaign


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