Top 10 Easy Ways to Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

Most of the people want to earn  money on fiverr, but some of them have no skills , so I thought I have to write an article for these people those have not any skill but they want to earn money on fiverr ,Here is my complete guide how you can Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills. Just follow my complete guide; I am hopeful you will earn more than you want.

Ways Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills:

  1. Power point presentation:

A lot of people are earning money from power point presentation. And it’s very and simple way to earn money on fiverr. Just go to this link Download power point presentation templates and do changes according to your client need and deliver work to him.

Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

  1. Logo Designing:

Another way to earn money on fiverr easily is deign a logo for your client , don’t worry you don’t need any effort to make logo for your client .I am going to give to 300 logos free of cost and these are related to all niche ,just download these and edit according to your need.

Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

  1. Business card:

Creating a business card is too much easy; I will give you Red Hot Business Card Template Free. Just edit these and put information what your client said and delivery back to him.

File password : Password: greenhatworld

Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

  1. Theme delivery:

Yes you can make a gig related to themes; you can write I will deliver any theme in 5 dollars, but the question is where you got these themes? Don’t worry guys I am here, just comment below the theme name. I will give the theme as soon as possible.

  1. Plugins:

You can deliver any plugin to your client, simply make an attractive gig and make title that I will deliver any WordPress plugin. You can get any plugin easily just go to google and enter the name of required plugin and hit enter.

  1. Backlinks:

You can deliver edu backlinks to your client. And most of the people need backlinks to rank their website .I am going to give to 1000 backlinks file for free .simply download this file and deliver it to your client.

Seo sites for BACKLINKS


  1. Install WordPress:

Installing WordPress is very easy. You can create a gig I will install wordpress on your website. Simply go to youtube and write how to install wordpress. And watch video clearly. Hope you will understand.

  1. Onsite SEO:

You can do onsite seo on your client website, it’s very easy.Go to youtube and watch the video related to onsite SEO.

  1. Convert video format:

Make a gig about, I will convert video format from one to another. For this you don’t need any software or trick etc. Just go to google and write convert video format online and hit enter.

  1. Keyword Research:

You can search a long tail keywords for you client, People need long tails keywords for their website, because its ranks easily.

So these are some easy ways Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills .Hope you like it.

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